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Piercing Belly


Piercing is one of the oldest and most trained forms of body modification. This practice has prolonged to many different areas of the body, including the belly button. Belly button piercings can take longer to heal. Knowing what to suppose and how to care for the piercing can help you avoid difficulties. The piercing belly, also known as the navel piercing, gained normal popularity in the โ€˜90s when it started gracing the bellies of pop artists like Christina Aguilera. Although it saw waning approval in the 2000s, it has made a comeback like none other. Naturally, the navel piercing pierces the skin above your belly button. This permits the jewelry to hang inside of the belly button. When summer hits and youโ€™re sorting over your crop tops, the belly piercing has a bit of an allure to it; what would look better peeking out of your summer outfit on a sunny day? .


Your initial navel piercing jewellery will be anelementary, non-dangle belly ring. Virtually universally, you will be pierced with a 14G pointer. You can opt for a 12G or 16G, but your piercer might commend against it; the 14G is industry standard for safety concerns. Your first jewelry will need to be large enough to accommodate swelling, so you will probably be fitted with a 7/16โ€ barbell, but this can be changed after the initial swelling goes down. Be sure to have a piercer make the jewellery change during healing. You might select to continue the non-dangle style. A standard belly ring offers a glint of sparkle in your belly button, drawing attention while enduring understated. You can get stylishjewelry with diamonds or other gemstones or cute navel rings with charms and other fun items. Moksh Tattoo Studio in Kodambakkam, Chennai, is the best place for piercing belly. .

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