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After Care


Getting a tattoo is 50% of the job done. Remaining 50% is maintaining the tattoo that will help the tattoo look sharp and prominent. The first 2 weeks is the most crucial time to carefully follow the aftercare tips.

After the tattooing session, our artists will wrap your tattoo, to prevent dust or other such particles from falling on the raw skin. You may remove this wrap after 2 hours and clean the area with lukewarm water. Pat dry with a clean cotton cloth or a tissue.Do not use soap to wash the tattoo unless it is a mild soap.

From day 2 of getting your tattoo, we recommend you apply the protector cream 3-4 times a day. Do coat your tattoo with a layer of the cream before and after bathing as well โ€“ it serves as a water-resistant layer, whist providing the required moisture to your skin as well.

Oozing of the ink symbolises the first stage of your healing process. Within a day or two of getting a tattoo, you may notice a little quantity of ink oozing out. Donโ€™t panic! We reassure you that this is just a sign, that your tattooed skin is well on the road to recovery.

Once the ink has stopped oozing out of the skin, the skin begins to feel dry, and slowly starts peeling off. Scabbing is a very normal part of the healing process as well, so do not panic. However, it is important, that whilst the skin peels off, you do not pick it out/ peel it any further. This if done, will result in patchy fading of the tattoo. The dry skin must be allowed to fall off on its own. ย 

The final stage in the healing process of your tattoo is the itching.As it dries and peels off, the skin will begin to itch. But do not worry, this is completely normal and indicates perfect healing. Do not scratch the tattooed area though, gently pat it, to lessen the itch.

Once all the dry skin has fallen off, you may see a white, thin, shiny layer, which is nothing but your new, bare skin. This may cause your tattoo to temporarily look a little dull. We encourage you to apply the protector cream once a day and daily, after 2 weeks of getting your tattoo done. By the end of the third week, you will begin to see a noticeable difference, as your tattoo gets darker and clearer again, a little further along the road to recovery each day!

Do note that the glossy effect on tattoos is a result on meticulous self-care. Apply the tattoo protector cream daily, to keep your tattoo looking fresh and glossy, always.


โ€ข Take few drops of the aftercare solution on an ear swab and clean it below and around the stud/ear ring.
โ€ข After 2 to 3 days move the stud up and down and rotate it for easy settling of the stud on the skin.
โ€ข Please change the stud only after a month.

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